Mental Health & Well-Being

Mental Health & Well-Being

At Nant, your health, and the health of your family, come first. As a Nant employee, you have access to various mental health and well-being resources.

Resources for all Nant Employees

Employee Assistance Program Services

Mental Health Awareness Toolkit

Mental Health Resource Guidebook

Mental Health Awareness

Video – Mental Health Awareness

Building Your Way to Wellness

Building Your Way to Wellness tool is available for those who want to develop a recovery plan that can help them to achieve their recovery goals. The document is self-explanatory and offers many examples for the person completing the tool. It has been clearly demonstrated that individuals that are actively involved in their own recovery plan have much better outcomes. The unique aspect of the Building Your Way to Wellness tool is that you can complete this document and keep a copy as well as share it with supporters and clinicians if so desired.