You are eligible for Nant and its associates benefit program if you:

  • Are a regular full-time associate who works at least 30 hours per week, and
  • New hire and rehire associates are eligible to participate in the program the 1st of the month after meeting the above requirements.

You may also elect medical, dental, vision, and voluntary life/AD&D coverage for your:

  • Legal spouse or domestic partner
  • Natural child, step-child, or adopted child of the associate or eligible domestic partner, or child for whom the associate or eligible domestic partner is the legal guardian, legally placed with the associate or eligible domestic partner for adoption, or supported pursuant to a court order imposed on the associate or eligible domestic partner up to age 26 regardless of student status or marital status, financial dependence on parents, residency with parents, or eligible for coverage under another health plan.

Generally, the benefits elections you make during Nant and its affiliates annual benefits open enrollment or as a newly eligible associate stay in effect throughout the plan year. You are not allowed to make any changes to your elections until the next annual benefits open enrollment – unless you experience a qualified change in status. Qualified change in status events must be reported to Human Capital within 30 days of the date of event.

A qualified change in status is an event that affects eligibility for you and/or your dependents under the Nant and its affiliates benefit program and can include any of the following events:

  • Your marriage;
  • Entering into a domestic partner relationship;
  • The birth, adoption, or legal guardianship of a child;
  • You and/or your covered dependents gaining other benefits coverage;
  • You and/or your eligible dependents losing other benefits coverage;
  • Your legal separation or divorce;
  • Ending a domestic partner relationship;
  • Your dependent child losing eligibility for Nant and its affiliates benefits coverage;
  • The death of a covered family member;
  • You move out of a medical or dental option service area; or
  • A change in dependent care providers or fees